Who I am? A city girl exploring the world, enjoying life and fanatic street & travel photographer.

In action in Mongolia

I embrace stereotype contradictions. My hobbies are playing the harp and riding the motorbike. For my day job, as account manager in the harbour of Rotterdam, I wear fashionable business outfits, as well as an overall, helmet and safety shoes.

Working in the iconic harbour is amazing and from time to time it allows me to go on short trips, my cup of tea.

Capturing daily life in all its aspects makes me happy. It allows me to look closer, come closer and experience more. Besides that it is a great way to support my memory with all happening.

Life is good!


Exploring New York City

Recent Trips

A new year means new trips. 2018 is going to be amazing with a 3 months trip to South America, can’t wait for it to start. After a start (yes a start!!!) at the Galapagos the trip will go through Ecuador to Peru, Bolivia and Chili. Not much fixed yet, so lets see where this journey will take me. 

2017 has been great as well, with trips to Innsbruck in Austria, northern Norway (dream trip!), Paris and close to home Zwolle. 

In 2016 I had not travelled less, with visits to London, Paris, Berlin, New York City, Brussels, Madrid, Lille, Vienna, Amsterdam and several day trips in the Netherlands.

This leaves too little time to enjoy my home town Rotterdam, so besides more amazing travels I plan to explore and share about this vibrant and worthwhile harbour city Rotterdam.

Upcoming Trips

Many unexpected trips expected.

The big questions is where my big travel will take me next. Any suggestions? My list of options goes from Namibia, New Zealand, Iran or Alaska. So basically all options are still open.

201x Many unexpected places but perhaps one of these Alaska | Canada | Namibia | Norway | California | Budapest | Riga | St. Petersburg

2018 Italy (Milan) | Ecuador | Peru | Bolivia | Chili

2017 Austria (Vienna | Innsbruck) | France (Nice, Paris) | U.K. (London) | Norway | Belgium (Antwerp, Gent) | Italy (Puglia) | Denmark (Copenhagen) | Netherlands (Zwolle, Heerde) | many unexpected

2016 Vienna Antwerp | NYC | Berlin| Paris | Mongolia | Barcelona | Madrid

2015 London | Paris | Amsterdam | France | Boston | NYC

2014 Paris | Iceland | Myanmar

2013  Japan | South Korea | China | Tibet | Nepal | Thailand | Malaysia | Indonesia | Singapore | Paris

2012 Cuba

2011 France | Washington | Philadelphia | Boston | NYC

2010 Argentina

2009 North India

2008 Costa Rica | Panama

2007 Vietnam


Publications, exhibitions & competitions

| Organisation first Urban Photo Race Rotterdam 2017

| Prize winner  Urban Photo Race Amsterdam 2016

| Women of Street Photography World Map

| Straatfotografie.nl

Member of DuPho