How cool! really??!!

I read the email over and over again, but than it sinks in … I won!!!

My picture for the global theme of the Urban Photo Race Amsterdam has been selected as the winning picture for the theme “Perfect Place”.

The entire day I brainstormed of how to visualise the Perfect Place, only to realise close to the end of the day it has to be close to your mother. So the idea was born, but now I had to find the baby close to his mother. This sounds easier than it actually is. First of all it was already evening, most babies were asleep at that time and than they should be held close to their mother as well. I prefer spontaneous, real life situation over those directed so it took some patience, but that was rewarded.

I love the way that the clothing of baby and mam seem to match and still show different patterns. Still showing some of the buzz going on at the Damrak in Amsterdam behind them. Her arms providing a cocoon of security and serenity.

Thanks Urban Photo Race jury for selecting my picture!