What a cool day! 12 hours and 20 kilometers of walking in order to deliver 18 pictures at the end of the day. The Urban Photo Race means I have to take 3 pictures each for 6 different themes, which are given during the day at the checkpoints throughout Amsterdam.

Early morning I arrive in Amsterdam and to kick-start my day I treat myself with a Latte at the Coffee Salon (Koffie Salon). It feels like I start my day with the locals, reading their newspapers and easing into the weekend before they head to the market for groceries, as my excitement increases for the day ahead.

The nearby Albert Cuypmarket is popular with both tourist and locals. For me this area still has the typical Amsterdam feeling, which in the tourist flooded centre is sometimes a little lost.

Adam Dog with scarf - Cissees 2016

At first I have to think about how to visualise all theme’s and try a few different things, but in the end the Streetphotography works best for me and once I let go of potential theme restrictions I get into the flow. My favourite theme is “Eyecontact”, for which I get close to both dogs and their owners.

I meander through the city and after taking pictures of a really impressive big dog and talking to his caretakers I share a tea with them at the Coffee Concept Sandwich Bar at the Regulierdwarsstraat. A perfect spot to view the result of the first few hours. At this very little coffee place everybody seems to know each other and I feel at home. Will take my friends here for sure next time I visit Amsterdam.

After the break I am re-energized and continu my stroll for hours, not even realising time flies. Before I know it is 8 pm and that means time to collect the final stamp and finalise the selection. By then I realise how intense the day has been and I take the train back to Rotterdam.

It was an incredible fun day! And with 190 participants the jury will have a tough time to decide on the winner. Just a few more months of waiting for us to know …

Adam hairy Bouvier dog -Cissees 2016