Since a long time finally a day of taking pictures in my hometown Rotterdam. And not just by myself, but I participate in a street photography workshop of Fokko Muller. If you think about a Dutch street photographer, he is probably one of the first names that pops-up.

The Staircase in Rotterdam - Cissees

We start the day at Café Engels, in the “Groothandelsgebouw” near Rotterdam Central Station. This monumental building has had an important role in the post-war reconstruction of the city. The café itself has been renovated,  with a truly retro feel.

To celebrate the 75 years of reconstruction the city is celebrated with a cultural event “Rotterdam celebrates the City!”. As part of this celebration a large scaffolding system, The Staircase has been build, as a symbolic red carpet into the city.

Ladies with ice-cream in Rotterdam - Cissees

Our tour continues through the city, taking different challenges such as taking street portraits. I met these lovely ladies, enjoying the sunny day with an ice-cream. The people of Rotterdam are best described as divers, interesting and even though generally known as direct, very open and approachable.

Tough guy Rotterdam - Cissees

So happy to live in one of the most buzzing and happening cities of Europe!